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Track your medical condition and help researchers with just your iPhone

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It was March 2015 when Apple has released ResearchKit.

March 2016, Apple announces CareKit.

CareKit can be considered as a fork of ResearchKit. It has only a little different field of action.

With a simple app on your device it will make easier, for individuals, to keep track of care plans and monitor symptoms and medication. And easily connect to doctors, nurses or caregivers.

At the beginning it will provide you four modules designed by Apple:

· Care Card, making use of iPhone or Apple Watch, people can track actions like taking medication or completing physical exercises;

· Symptom and Measurement Tracker, this module allow people to record measurement of their symptoms or feeling making use of surveys (a well developed module inherited from ResearchKit), photos or device sensors;

· Insight Dashboard, probably is the core module of CK, it maps information from the previous two modules in order to show the correlation between the two;

· Connect, improve RK providing a simple method that allow people to set a direct connection sharing information directly and easily with doctors, care teams, patients group and family members;

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